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Getting laid shouldn't cost you anything, despite what most dating apps tell you. You don't need a premium subscription or a platinum account to find local girls in your area willing to fuck. There are lots of them out there right this second - you just need to look in the right place at the right times. Luckily, we have exactly what you need right here.

Introducing Sex Book, the hottest new platform helping create a community of like-minded people for discreet fun, intimacy and all manner of kinky fun. And best of all, you can get laid on our website without handing over a single cent! Everything on Sex Book, from the messages to the chat rooms are completely free. No hidden costs, no micro-transactions. So, are you ready to jump into a world of sexual fulfilment and get laid in record time? Read on for more information about our exclusive website.

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You Deserve a Fulfilling Sex Life

It's true. Who doesn't want to enjoy great sex? Everyone deserves a gratifying sex life, whether that's with local strangers, friends with benefits or long-term partners. Getting laid is a human right that should be completely free for everybody on the planet. And here on Sex Book, that's exactly what we offer. You can find every type of relationship out there, from no-strings fun to exclusive engagements. Creating a fulfilling sex life has never been easier when you sign up to our revolutionary new app.

Sex Book isn't like the other dating apps you've used in the past. We don't require you to spend hours a day scrolling through our store or other profiles. We don't ask much of your time whatsoever. We don't sell you shit you don't need. We don't collect your data and sell it to marketing companies. All we do is help facilitate casual sex with other people in your area who want the same thing you do. If that sounds good to you, keep on reading!
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How Does Sex Book Work?

Sex Book goes above and beyond to stand out from the crowd. We're a no-nonsense hookup site that puts customer satisfaction at the forefront of our goals. That's why we manage a wide range of features that will help you interact with other people in your area looking for no-strings fun. We make it easy to find willing partners without having to endure endless dates or expensive dinners.

We function as both a traditional and modern dating site, utilizing swipe-matching and search matching for your convenience. For a simple approach, users can swipe left or right through the profile pictures of other members and if you match, you can begin chatting. Alternatively, you can just scroll through profiles as you see fit and send messages directly that way. Whichever way works for you!

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All the Performances of a Dating App - Without the BS

Sex Book is everything you could ever want from a sex site. Different types of features to meet new people, plenty of active users and a fully customizable application. Our performance is unmatched in the online hookup scene - every review says so.

Here are all the performances Sex Book has to offer:

Fast Account Creation

Create your account with a username, email and password in less than a minute. That's all it takes - no additional information required.

Customers Worldwide

Sex Book has users all over the world, from the USA to Canada to Europe and beyond. Use our location services to search your favorite locations.

Generate Reports

Want to manage your hookup data? Generate reports to track your progress. More information on reports is available in the next section.

Dating Calendar

Sex Book had gadgets aplenty, and our dating calendar is the perfect way to keep your hookup performances optimal. This feature syncs with calendars on Android and iOS devices too.

No Advertising

We keep advertising to an absolute minimum. All of our services are supported by our pro version, so advertising isn't necessary.

Customer Support

Customer support is available 24/7, January to December. Problem with your report? Settings issues? Our support services will handle everything from account preferences to blocked users.

Free Version

The Sex Book free version offers limited features, but more than enough to get you laid! Message users, generate reports and leave comments completely for free.

Pro Version For Maximum Performance

Want to stand out from the crowd? Then our Pro Version offers all the performances you could ever need.

Dedicated App

Our Sex Book app is optimized for performances on any Android, iOS and Windows device. Manage your settings, track your progress and exchange messages from our widget.
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Find Fuck Buddies, Friends With Benefits & More

You can find different types of relationships on Sex Book, whether you're seeking a one-night thing, a friends with benefits deal or something more long term. You can create different types of relationships depending on your individual needs, and best of all, the women on here don't expect commitment. They just want to fuck and chuck, and given our vast userbase, the sky's the limit for your sexual activities - just make sure your bedroom performance is up to scratch!

Babes of all shapes, sizes and nationalities are present on Sex Book. According to our performance models statistics, we're happy to report we have a large number of Asian, Italian, Jamaican, and German babes on our site - as well as a record number of American and Canadian beauties too. All your favorite locations are represented. Ever fancied your chances with a sleek and sexy Italian hottie? Then create a SexBook account and go for broke. It's just good sense!
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Pros of Sex Book

Check out any Sex Book reviews and you'll see why we're fast becoming the hottest commodity in the Android and iOS app store. And not only that, but our report statistics don't lie. Our performance models report that 92% of our members find an instant hookup with 24 hours of sign up. And if you don't manage to find a hookup with 24 hours, then our statistics also show that 99% of members do within 48 hours!

But that's only one of the reasons why we have so many loyal and happy customers using our service. Here's a few more to get your appetite whetted:

Customizable application

You can create your Sex Book widget as you see fit. This is something a lot of reviews praise, since there aren't many similar technologies who offer this service. Think of it like your phone home screen that you can chop and change around to suit your needs. Just hit the settings page and see how it works.

As you manage your widget and gadgets, you'll find you visit certain sections of our site more than others. As well as browsing profiles and matching with users, maybe you constantly use the favorite locations or the audio recording features? Put them on your widget for quick, instant access.

Match on the go

We're currently one of the most popular performance apps on the Android and iOS app store - just check any review for us! That means you don't have to rely on our browser version to create connections with other members. You can manage your sexual liaisons while you're on the train, sitting at work or hanging out in the bar. Every type of operating system is supported so you won't be left out in the dark.

Detailed profiles

When creating profiles, our users must upload at least one photo, which helps keep away the fakes and the scammers. And not only that, but our profiles also support music and videos should you wish to enhance your profile to stand out from the crowd! There's no limit when it comes to showing yourself off on here.

Furthermore, audio recording and videos help give you a flavor of the person on the other side of the screen. Embedding your favorite music can help create a sense of your personality that words simply can't. Not to mention that videos are a sign that the other person is totally real and not a bot.

Completely free

We're one of the very few completely free hookup apps still on the market. For reference, there are very few apps outside of the big names like Tinder that are completely free to use, and even these platforms are limited with their free features. Just check any review for them and you'll see for yourself!

But with Sex Book, you don't need to create a premium account to get laid. Our basic features are not limited to a premium subscription - you can do everything on our site without paying a penny. Our performance is unmatched anywhere in the hookup world. Sure, a Pro Version will help you stand out from the crowd but it's not required at all. You can manage your accounts from the settings screen.
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Manage Your Sex Life Like Never Before

Dating will never be the same again. With Sex Book, you don't have to spend hours talking to girls before jumping into bed. You don't have to 'create a bond' or meet their parents. Most profiles on Sex Book have the three letters that every man wants to see on a hookup app - DTF. That means these girls are Down To Fuck right away. Expensive dinner dates are a thing of the past.

Create a profile right now and see for yourself just how simple things are. There are thousands of ladies within 5 miles of your house that are gagging for a dick inside them right this second, and we know for a fact that you'll manage to find tons of them on our app. If you want to push your sexual performance abilities to their limits, Sex Book is the place you need to be.
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Sex Book Sex Success Stories

Don't just take our word for it. Here are some kind words from our friends about how our sex site has changed their lives. Check out two reviews from our happy customers:
Edward, Sexbook user

I read some SexBook reviews and thought there was no way this site is real. But after trying it out for a week, I realized that the sky was the limit. I've been using the site since January and honestly, SexBook blows other sites out of the water with how easy it is to get sex. All the other sites I used to use are history now. I'll be sticking with the SexBook Pro Version from here on out!

23 comments, 16 shares
Dexter, Sexbook user

I hate having to manage multiple dating sites at once, but with SexBook I don't have to. It's got everything I need right from the homescreen widget. I've never been great at dating to begin with, but with Sex Book I can find a local fuck without having to waste time on dating and romance. I'm a busy guy, so SexBook helps me work around my calendar. The Pro Version especially is out of this world

103 comments, 56 shares

New Data and Performance Models Indicate it's 230% easier to find local sex with sexbook than a traditional hookup app

The statistics don't lie, but you don't need gizmos and gadgets to prove that our hookup services are the real deal. Just check out any Sex Book review and you'll see how many happy customers we have to our name. We help people all over the world find interested fuck partners without the hassle that comes with regular dating. From January to December, we're open for hookup business all year round.

So if you're ready to take the plunge and kick your sex life into overdrive, download Sex Book for Android, iOS or browser today and push your sexual performance to its limits. Set your preferences, utilize our features and start connecting with women in your city tonight. With SexBook, expensive dates and lavish dinners are history. All these ladies want is a casual fuck without commitment!
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